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Do you have a "store bought" waste oil heater or shop made? I bought a set of plans from Murphy's Machines - Construction Plans For BioDiesel Processor Systems, Waste Oil Heating[/url], a guy I know of through the WVO boards, and plan on using some of the hundreds of gallons of waste motor oil I've been saving up.

Years ago, I heated my shop with what I called "glop logs". I'd take the veg oils and fats that wouldn't make good fuel and mix it in with wood chips and sawdust. Then, I'd take a carpet roll core, heavy cardboard. Pack in the oily sawdust, fold over the ends and bingo... glop logs. They burned well in a double barrel wood stove, parts bought from Northern Tool.

My next plan is to use an open top drum on the top of the two barrel heater and mount a coil from a hot water pressure washer inside. I'll pump water or coolant through the coil to a radiator with a fan blowing through it for pretty much free shop heat.

For sure, your dad knew it better than anyone with a B-17, especially if he flew over the Channel. It's like driving for economy... always thinking three steps ahead. It's like UPS saving both hours and fuel by encouraging their drivers to only make right turns. Planning ahead, they avoid sitting there waiting on traffic to turn left. Doing that, your vehicle is getting 0 miles per gallon!
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