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The heater was a commercial model called "Clean Burn" (if my memory is correct). It used a large injector, electric spark and preheated pressurized fuel delivery. The flame was directed at a large "frying pan" shaped ceramic pan diffuser then it ran through a heat exchanger.

It lost so little heat for it's 175k btu capacity that I could stick my hand in the exhaust pipe and hold it there indefinitely, while the direct flame would have absolutely fried my hand in a second. We had the company clean and service the unit yearly.

The shop was an old building built in 1946. At first if had no insulation, but we added a drop ceiling and insulation. It was originally equipped with gas pumps out front (long gone whenI got there) was actually a Willys dealershipin the 1950S.We found neon signs in the attic advertising the "Aero Lark" and "Aero Ace" models.

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