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d15z1 motor/tranny

Was told motor was rebuilt when I got the car it came in, I started it a few times and it sounded perfect.

problems: clutch doesn't Disengage. Guy that I know personally put it back together and didn't feel like messing with it since he no longer needed the car. I never got around to tackling the problem like I wanted since I swapped to a b motor and now actually going to swap a k20 into it. Also when I added coolant to the car it mixed in with the oil, so I believe they may have forgot the head gasket but not sure. It does run perfect. Guy said he did use the tranny that was on it prior to the rebuild so it's good.

I did post up on my local Facebook pages to sell this but someone told me to try and post on here and also the previous owner said he got the rebuilt motor from on here.

Taking offers.

Comes with motor/tranny alternator and all that needed to run except ecu and harness and no intake filter or header. I will be keeping the plastic dipped valve cover and I do have another to go along with it.

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