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Tesla's EV strategy has a looming future rival...

...or as Elon Musk calls the dumb pick, 'fool cells' technology.

Toyota Motor Corp. has always held on hydrogen as the next efficient portable energy source. They are still hedging their future on fuel cell-powered vehicles. Toyota wants to establish itself at the leader in this technology, it has a lot of other believers. Honda Motor Co., Nissan, Hyundai Motor Co., Daimler AG and General Motors Co. still invest billions of dollars into fuel-cell technologies since the 1990s; hydrogen’s allure as an abundant, cleaner & low-carbon fuel. Even with their successful EV brand Prius, Toyota still thinks FC is a game-changer: gasoline-performance with clean tailpipe emissions and avoiding the heavy weight, range, cold climate and refueling time issues of battery-laden EV vehicle. Toyota sees the ramp up to their hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle production by the 2020's, not unlike their own EV production in this decade. Toyota, Nissan And Honda just teamed up to develop Japan's hydrogen station infrastructure.

Meet the fast-charging, affordable ‘future’ car that Elon Musk hates - The Washington Post

Toyota, Nissan, and Honda to Jointly Support Hydrogen Station Infrastructure Development - MarketWatch

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