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I don't know that the thicker oil causes more wear - there's some consternation over at the Toyota forums over 0w20 being called for in Camrys in the US but thicker oils being called for in overseas markets (5w30 I believe is what many other markets specify for the 2.5l). I do like the idea of a thinner "cold spec" oil in a car; even then I played it safe with Mobil1 which claimed warrantee protection for cars calling for 10w30 and 5w30. What that says to me is that the cold spec can be played with more than the hot spec. Theoretically, any oil is better than none when you have cold temperatures, and it makes sense that if it can be more readily pumped through the engine at cold temps, it's a good thing.

Having said that, I play the cheap-o when it comes to oil for the Echo; a car as beaten up as that one sort of steers me away from spending much money on it. I got my Mobil 0w30 for $3/jug on clearance which was also instrumental in my buying it; I have one more jug then I go back to 5w30, not because I am worried about a "too thin" oil, but because I acquired some other high quality oil at 80 cents/qt.

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