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Thanks for bringing up Dingles work.

Originally Posted by niky View Post
The problem is, this isn't exactly rocket science. Well... yes, combustion is sort of complicated... but we all pretty much understand that various substances can be used to improve the operation of a gasoline- or diesel-fed engine... hydrogen, alcohol, propane, acetone...

Of course, in only one of those examples are people adamant that they can generate the combustion enhancer on-board while still coming up with positive results!


Even the eternally poor Somender Singh paid for dyno testing... (which, in the one test he got to do, actually showed positive results... albeit on a very, very archaic Briggs&Stratton engine... and he never got to do ABA testing on the same motor)... so what are the HHO guys doing fiddling around with on-road tests?


A relative lived a few blocks away from Daniel Dingle, one of the oft-cited Water Car proponents on the internet, back in the 90's.

And every time his "water powered car" drove by, the blue-ish exhaust fumes didn't smell anything like water.
I had a family member who got a look at Daniel's car, and he reported that Dingle had managed to "fake himself out". I was able to see the same situation firsthand when I received a secretive letter from a fellow in Palmdale, California. Apparently, he too said he had done what Dingle had done and now his old slant 6 Valiant could idle along at 800 rpm on nothing but HHO gas. He wanted me to take a look at his setup to see how improvements could be made. I had business in the area so I dropped by. His car ran just like he had described. It had no carburetor. Just a mixing box from some air conditioner unit and a gas line from numerous HHO cells in the trunk. It could slowly accelerate to 800 rpm and putter along on flat ground on "nothing but HHO". I asked him to do the obvious and turn off the HHO and the engine wouldn't fire.

The reason was very simple. I think some of the more knowledgeable already surmise what the reason is. Dingle leveraged this to motivate his car.

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