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2005 Scion XB, Didn't make it a month... before first mod


I picked up a used 2005 Scion XB with 92,000 miles to use as my daily driver and long term airport parking lot car (I travel a lot for work).

The Box has everything I wanted in a daily driver. Small exterior size, power features, and great interior space to fit my two large dogs, luggage, and misc gear. I do a mix of freeway (70mph) and city driving. Over the last 6 tanks of gas I've averaged no less than 36mpg. Not bad for a stock brick-shaped car with moderate driving.

As a gearhead, I tend to leave nothing stock... In the case of the Scion XB, I tried very hard not to modify this car, but succumbed to my bad habit of catering my vehicles to fit my needs. In the case of the scion... its reliability and MPGs. I only made it three weeks before the Scion got its first big MOD on 4/28/2015.

Week 1- LRR Tires; Week 2- Cruise Control (Only for long drives); Week 3- New Clutch with a modified Corolla transaxle with 3.722 Final Drive vs. the original 4.310.

Installing the new transaxle was not a small undertaking. This was def a big change to the scion, and I'll be doing a small writeup on this. I will repeat... it wasn't a simple bolt-in.

More to come in the success stories section. Still trying to drive out the first tank of gas.


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