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R.I.P. To The Civic, Is This The Replacement?

I love my '90 CX. But it is hurt. I have to add a liter or two of water a week as the headgasket is out of it. Lots of other issues as well, but that one is the most limiting on where I can take it. If I had to run up to my parents place tomorrow, I couldn't rely on it to get there. That's no good, I need at least one car around that I know will start, run, and get me somewhere if I need it. I thought about selling it cheap, but I've had that car for a while now, and I don't think I could get rid of it. I bought a rotted out Civic VX years ago with the idea of putting that drivetrain into a Civic wagon, but now I am thinking the CX is worthy of the lean burn goodness. Or it might show up on here in the classified section for cheap to someone that won't rice it out. I still can't decide. Did I mention that I love that car?

And then this happened. Wagons are kind of my thing, and so are Hondas.

2 owners since new, from Oregon originally with 83k miles on it. But, it's an automatic. I want to love it, but it doesn't have a clutch! I looked over the garage stats for these cars and it seems like 25 MPG is about what an automatic will yield. Seriously? I drive a lot, and for a 4 cylinder car that seems way below par. It got traded in at a Honda dealership, and I got it dirt cheap, but what do y'all think? It's been a while since I have had something with a stereo, A/C, moon roof etc. But it seems lazy to drive it if that makes any sense.

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