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Originally Posted by Midi_Amp View Post
Honda just slowly reintroducing the CVT back to its lineup after the whole mess (90% failure rate) of first gen Jazz CVT.
I remember the 1st-gen Honda Fit (as we know it in Brazil) had the CVT, and its lack of responsiveness was often criticized. The 2nd-gen had a 5-speed automatic, and Honda's excuse for that move was the CVT wouldn't be suitable for the flexfuel engines used here, but the 3rd-gen reintroduced the CVT.

I hope you're being sarcastic, as it's a very debated topic here. I for one opposed it.
I wasn't being sarcastic, drug-related issues became so critical in Brazil that I've seen the death penalty as the only effective measure to deal with that. Too bad it wasn't applied during the military regime...

Anyway, the Brio is still not available back here, but is scheduled to be introduced locally. Is yours a hatchback or a sedan?
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