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1) first up is to install magnets on the fuel line and coolant hoses from magnetizerproducts

2) install fuel vaporizer agsvaporizermpg

3) install plasma ignition aquapulser

4) i'm also going to add bestline to the engine oil and fuel

5) i may try this acetone trick. youtube acetone in gas
i've found raceway sells ethanol-free fuel for 60 cents more per gal.

Those are some wicked sick mods to try out first! If you actually go through with any of that insanity, please try them one at a time so if you find that one out of those five works, I'll know which one. If you find one that blows up your car and doesn't kill you in the process, I'd also like to know which one that was so I can avoid it. If we never hear from you again, I'll stay away from all five.

You might want to consider starting modding with something a little cheaper and less intrusive, such as increasing your tire pressure to max sidewall, and making some changes to your driving habits and see how that helps.
Then, I would take the magnets and use them to hold the "65 Efficiency Mods" to your fridge so you can get acquainted with them.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do!

BTW, I passed right by Alachua on my way to Live Oak this weekend, it's pretty nice up there.

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