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Welcome to the site. The MR2 is a nice little car, but definitely not the most fuel efficient.

If you're looking to get better mileage out of it, the first stop should be the 100+ hypermiling tips (link up top) that train you to drive more efficiently. Ironic to most, you don't have to stop having 'fun' to drive efficiently. I have lots of fun with my motorcycle and still get 60+ mpg (3.9l/100km). The big no no is using brakes. I say go ahead and rev it up to 5000 rpm, just make sure you aren't going to hammer on the brakes right afterwards. I used to do this almost every single day with my 1997 Toyota Paseo. I had an on-ramp that was short and uphill. I needed to punch it to get up to speed in time. I also managed 60+ mpg in that car. So, adopt the other techniques as you see fit and you'll see your mileage rise.

I'd also highly recommend an mpg guage of some sort to keep you on track and help you learn to drive more efficiently. Since your car is older, the mpguino (see the instrumentation forum) is just about your only option, but its a good one. I have one in one of my older cars.
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