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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
No, KBB is useless on anything older than 5 years. Go ok craigslist and see what everyone else is posting them for. Then go on eBay and look for the vehicle and mark the 'finished listings' or 'recently sold' (forget which one) and see what they have been selling for lately. Price accordingly.
So much data! I had not seen anything in my area, but they show seventeen sold Foresters between 1998 and 2001!

Two of them were somehow sold twice, eight days apart, with the same picture and mileage.

Several times, it did not show the sale price and at least half were not in good condition, with two needing new head gaskets:

2001 107954 $3435 9 "dins and scratches" "This vehicle runs fair and drives fair.
1999 104000 $3200 9
2001 100931 $2800 9
1999 97006 $3500 9
2001 213740 $2550 ? Will need an exhaust system soon, but drives well.
1998 184000 $1800 7 Minor accident, some rust and dings

I was surprised that four had fewer miles than my car. I do not know why the third sold for hundreds less than the others, perhaps minor problems came up, but the last one is an outlier; discarding it, the average sale price was $3,097 for a 2,000.2 Forester, with 124,726.2 miles.

I am hoping to negotiate to three thousand, although it is possible that someone could convince me to go lower.

That first car sold later for $835 less "This vehicle runs rough, but driving is not recommended." They said that fuses were missing, so I am not sure what happened there. One with 156k miles said that it just needed connecting rod bearing replacement and a tune-up, but only sold for $850. One car with moderate body damage sold twice for $730 and $760.

One had 215,000 miles, needed head gaskets, and sold for $995. Another also needed a head job, had 121k miles, and sold for $1175, so I might have been able to sell my car for that amount.

Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
FWIW, AZ bases our cars Value Laden Tax (VLT) on an assessed value of 60% of the MSRP reduced by 16.25% for each year since the vehicle was first registered in AZ.
MSRP was $19,995 and the car is sixteen years old, although I do not know if it has always been in Arizona.


$19,995 * 0.6 * (1-.1625)^16 ?

That gives me $703.
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