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Presuming you can change out the gears, the best motorcycle would be a Roketa MC-05-127.
It comes stock with 80MPG, and with a sprocket swap from 41T to 31T gets 120MPG at best; but disables it for highway use.
34T (105MPG) sprocket is about as low to go.

Also a Honda Grom 125cc is great for everything save the interstate.

Other than that, Honda's PCX150 is a good all rounder as a scooter, no interstate.
To have an interstate ready scoot, you'd have to go for a vespa or Piaggio 350cc scoot, or a Burgman (400cc).
You can also get a Linhai 250/300cc scooter; they'll make it on the interstate, but barely (75MPH).

A 50cc, if you can change the gearing is best for speeds upto 30MPH, if you keep the revs below 3,5k RPM, you could get 120MPG as well.
Revs to 7,5k rpm, and it can get you 42MPH, with 100MPG.

If it has a CVT, you're best off with a 100cc scooter.

What you NEED to get around anywhere, is a 250cc ptwin engine, like a Honda Rebel (top speed > 80MPH).
What you NEED to get around anywhere save on the interstate, is a 125cc scoot (top speed > 60 MPH).
What you NEED to get around town, is a 100cc (top speed of upto 55MPH).

What you optimally would want for:
Interstate and below speeds (80MPH): 350-400cc thumper (7.5k RPM), 300-350cc thumper high rev (10k RPM), 300-350cc ptwin low rev (<8k RPM), 300cc Ptwin high rev (10k).
Highway or below speeds (60MPH): 150cc ptwin bike low rev, or a 125cc high rev thumper.

Scooters take about 10% off the powerband, so add 10% to the cc size.
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