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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
I mean move a bit more literally, like moving it out of the driveway so I can get another car out. I think Hondas always accelerate from a stop with the ICE running? I did drive a HCH, I don't remember what it did.
It won't do EV mode below 15 km/h, which is when the CVT clutch slips because the revs would otherwise sink too low even in its lowest ratio.
Which is a pity, as in EV mode the motor could theoretically turn the engine over at very low RPM, no harm done.
But if you'd hit the accelerator then the clutch should start slipping to allow the engine to rev to be fired again, and that transition would probably not be smooth enough for Honda to deem it acceptable.

The plus is that it will do AutoStop (engine stall) rolling when braking very lightly below 15 km/h.
The clutch will fully disengage until you release the brake pedal which causes a restart.
I can make it coast for 50 meters or so, slowly advancing to a red light.
I may some day even add a brake light switch to engage that mode without braking at all for longer coasts

It does not use EV mode in reverse either.
It will use EV mode at high speeds and very light throttle (I used it even at 140 km/h) but that's just a lightly augmented coast.
10 kW is not enough to maintain speed at those speeds

In absolute terms fuel usage is still low at low speeds, even if it does not use EV mode. A stop and go traffic jam does hurt economy somewhat, but nowhere near what it would be with a non hybrid car.
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