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Originally Posted by Zach View Post
Sorry to bump a thread kinda old but isn't that the opposite of what the 100+ hypermiling tips states for DWL (56)? Accelerating on downhills right before an uphill climb since you burn less on the downhill? I am still trying to learn so some clarification woold be great.
I found UFO's advice posted on 11-16-2015 to be useful and true. Rather than accelerating on the downhill, I seem to get better mileage when I apply only the minimum acceleration needed to maintain speed on the downhill, using DFCO coasting whenever the gradient alone is sufficient to maintain speed. I then start applying increased acceleration in the level transition area between the downhill and uphill, using DWL on the uphill while monitoring instant MPG gauge as feedback, gradually easing off the accelerator as I crest the hill.
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