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Originally Posted by UFO View Post
Yes, don't do a running start before you get to the hill; accelerating downhill is not efficient. Save your engine power for going up hills and don't back off until you crest the hill, unless you know you will need to scrub speed on the downhill.
I don't know what most people say about the fuel cutoff; most cars continue to supply fuel even when coasting in gear, with foot off the accelerator.
The car also will slow down faster.
It's much better to stay in neutral when coasting downhill, for as long as the car maintains speed, or accelerates.

Also, going 100% open throttle is really bad for the engine, and fuel economy.
Acceleration should be spirited, but not too aggressive, 50-80% of engine power. Higher with smaller engines and/or heavier vehicles, lower with larger engines and/or lighter weight vehicles.
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