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I already have a cellphone mount and am running an ELM bluetooth adapter and the Torque Pro app. I have Instant mpg, engine load and commanded AFR displayed. I accelerate as quickly as possible while keeping RPMs below 3k, load around 40%(thats the highest I can go before it downshifts back to the previous gear), and commanded AFR at 14.1 which is as lean as it goes according to the ECU.

Tire pressure is around 38psi and I keep a close eye on the pressures. I could go higher but the ride quality sufffers quickly after 35psi.

This is still my daily driver and I'm worried about tire wear down the middle and it rains a lot here as well and don't want to comprimise traction for a few percent of mpg.

It was raining hard on the way to work today so even though I slowed down to 50 the entire trip I didn't see a gain. I'll post picture of the Tahoe once I get the wheels and tires on and lower it in the next few months.

Love the site and hope I can break the 20mpg per tank mark!

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