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Best LRR tire for a 2013 Volt 215/55r17

Hmm it seems like we seem to get a decent LRR tire thread about once a year.

The trouble with no US ratings is that its darn near impossible to get any scientific information on the LRR to compare different US tire offerings.

Sadly though many of the A rated tires from nearly 5 years ago are still the ones A rated for purchase, but only if I live in Europe.

So called Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tires (A rated LRR) aren't really available over here in any useable size.
Other newer lines are B rated or lower.

Any ideas what US spec tires are A rated for LRR? I am told that even if a line is sold in both the US and Europe I need to pay attention to tread life and other factors because the US version of the same tire is usually different than the Euro spec.

Any ideas?

I am also looking for something around a 225/70r15 in LRR but the offerings aren't great.


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