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Sorry--I don't have the means to post a picture of the bike. It's an '80 Honda Passport sans the "splash guard" and currently has a CRF-80 complete front end installed. As mentioned it has a semi-auto Lifan 125 motor with an XR-70 pipe on it. The original bike, purchased on eBay for .99 (!!!) without a front wheel, cylinder head, seat and other bits it was built using a lot of the leftover parts lying around from my pit bike racing days. It has a simple AC lighting system with no battery or blinkers.

Originally a spur-of-the-moment purchase (how could I pass it up?) it was originally intended to be used as a runabout when we go to the races. On a lark I decided to ride it to a lunch gathering about fifty miles away and had a ball doing it. This led to other trips including one to Chicago to see the Allman Brothers Band and another to Mammoth Cave.

My riding buddies liked it so much that about half a dozen other step-throughs were built up from CT-90's. I enjoy riding it so much that the "big bikes" have been parked for the last couple of years and these little bikes have become kind of an obsession. I know I really enjoy riding them as I have three up and running now. With the $31 24mm Mikuni carb available from eBay I use their only liability is poor gas mileage--generally between 70 and 80 MPG. I have it jetted pretty fat and I can start it, ride off and turn off the enrichening circuit immediately and the bike runs great. Currently I'm running 17/37 gearing.

Strictly based upon my run home on the autobahn the other night it got me thinking about sort of aerodynamic improvements I could do without compromising it's go-anywhere utility.
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