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Thanks! Crikey you read quickly.

I tried 45psi in the rear tyres but got excessive centre wear on the tyres, so I'm back down to 40psi - factory unladen pressure. The 45psi was in between the unladen and fully laden pressures which are somewhere about 50psi. I think the Continental Sport Contact 5s I am running don't respond too well to higher pressures due to this experience.

The fronts are at 36psi, the factory figure. I am worried about adverse wear if I go above the unladen factory numbers as happened on the rear. The car has a near 50:50 weight distribution (something like 48F, 52R) so I don't think the front tyres are being punished too much and would benefit a great deal from higher pressures.

I am going to go for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres next, which have a slightly better EU fuel economy rating than the Continentals, and have won some performance tyre tests for their grip, and should have better wear too. These tyres might gain 1mpg or so on the highway.
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