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Selling turbo insight.

I am going to part out or just strait the up sell my turbo car. It runs and drives fine, but it needs an engine due to low compression on cylinder 1 (I knew this before even putting the turbo on) I have a spare engine but, I just want the money for a different project.

The car with the spare engine is 2,500. The car just itself with the turbo installed running and driving is 2,000.

The car is complete front to back, with exception to the battery pack and stock rims, I mean I have it, but it's wasted and not good for anything but a core.

Some of the more notable items for sale:

GT1241 turbocharger with flanges.
034 motorsports injector controller with 30lb bosh injector.
Engine with good compression, complete long block ready to bolt in.
Engine with bad compression on cylinder #1. This is also a long block as well.
Manual Transmission, needs rebuild, has second gear grind but that's it. No ISB problems or otherwise.
Both Sideview mirrors.
Rocker moldings.
Front and rear bumper.
2 Gauge clusters, one CVT, one manual.
CVT transmission.
CVT transmission flywheel.
All computers x2. One set it from the MT car, the other is from a CVT car.
Seats with fairly good upholstery.
Tail lights.
Upper oxygen sensor for manual AND CVT car.

Best way to get ahold of me is via text, a PM would also do, but I don't watch the forums 24/7. Phone number is 1-(760)-596-9927

If someone wants the turbo car as it is right now, 2000$. If you want the good engine with it, 2500. I'll also include the battery pack and sticks to rebuild said pack.


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