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Hello, I just discovered this thread through some Google search results. I am in the Madison area and I bought this car a few months ago. Haggled a little bit on the stated price. It has just under 50,000 miles, zero rust, and is in top running order.

I was looking for an economy car but nothing had enough "quirky/fun" factor for me and most aren't well-equipped cars. This car is the exact opposite of that, with a factory CD player (in 1990!), 4 valves/cylinder, limited slip differential, and a turbo. It is a supremely nimble car and weighs 1535 lbs. The gearing is very aggressive and it never feels slow or lacking for power. I've been daily driving it back and forth to work and averaging 40-41mpg. Fuel is 93 octane because it originally requires Japanese 96 RON, which works out to 92.5 AKI.

Getting the license plates was no trouble whatsoever. They didn't even ask to see the federal documentation that came with the car; the valid Iowa title was enough. It was just like any other car.
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