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Legally, I think it is a big grey area.

For example, most would agree space saver tires are probably not a good idea when used outside of their DOT rated operating conditions. (Some are bias ply, most are speed and distance limited.) Is this any more dangerous than someone who puts extra wide high performance summer tires on their car and drives it in inclement weather, where it would hydroplane like crazy? Or anyone who puts huge non-siped mud tires on their 4x4 to look cool and slides off the road in snowy and icy conditions? Or the drivers who drive on their tires way past the wear bars until the steel pokes out to get every mile out of them risking a blowout?

The focus always seems to go on one or two negative safety modifications that have been attempted, but there have been many positive safety modifications made on this site. Personally, I feel that all the modifications I have made to my vehicle has made it more safe than stock. Air dams noticeably reduce lift in addition to drag, which is one big reason why the new Tacomas and Colorados have them, to improve handling at speed. We are putting them on, but other people on other forums are taking them off.

In my opinion, any modification you make to your vehicle basically puts the risk/liability on you for that modification. If you modify your car in a dumb way and you cause an issue directly because of that medication, why should anyone but you be responsible?

Many others may disagree with me, which is fine as we all have different ideas and perspectives we have formed through our personal experiences. I attempt to keep my vehicle looking close to stock in order not to attract negative attention, and I always attempt to source and use stock parts when possible to achieve my goals.
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