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Leaf motor encoder swap

Here in Slovenia at firm RLS they offered me an encoder replacement for my Leaf motor resolver sensor. Huh! I like to think out of the box...
I went on and took the back of the motor apart. Pictures show what i got.
There was a lot of bolts to loose. I even had to borrow a torx key to unscrew a bolt that doesnt have an edge to hold. I replaced it with normal bolt the instant it was loose .

I got resolver out and checked crevice. Well i could mount a rotating magnet inside aluminum fitting on the end of the shaft. I could fasten that as M12 nut with extension.
Then if you look closely the cover is made of two parts. First is just a final cover, but second has two holes on the left that are threaded and currently of no use. I would use this as my anchor for mounting encoder PCB. It is magnetic encoder with open collector NPN output pulse. I would use a pullup to 5V with it.
Rotary magnetic module on metal flange RMF44

Not so much expensive... I would use current connector and after cover is on you couldnt tell the difference.

Now the question to whom it may concern:
What encoder sensor would be best for our inverter/motor combination? Either 9bit (512ppr) or 10bit (1024ppr). I can get either one, there is no price difference. I just want to know if something is better than other?


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