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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Arber is a mad scientist... I would say 512 ticks is plenty. The dspic can change that into 2048 ticks if you count every time A goes high/low and B goes high/low.
Well thank you , i am ME and thus more comfortable with making an encoder fitting on a lathe than resolver to encoder converter from PCB.
I talked some more with those guys at RLS and they say they can give me 11bit encoder NPN at once (2048ppr mind you) or 8bit (256ppr) i think i will wait for 10bit (1024ppr). I dont want to play tricks with software. I will just make it happen.

I got correct bolts to fasten motor to gearbox. M10x40mm with 1,25mm pitch. By the way what kind of people will send you motor and gearbox in a package without interconnecting bolts?!

Inverter box is also done so i will have to start mounting stuff...

I still have to get Leaf driveshafts, at least the left one with bearing on.

Paul, would it be hard to program rev. counter in inverter and setup one pin to output PWM with variable duty cycle? Maybe Pin 30! So we would have something to drive RPM gauge? Or do you have an idea how to show motor rotation to a car?

Also i would need one pin (say Pin 29) to reverse rotation and reduce torque for driving reverse.

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