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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
encoder-ticks is one of the variables you can set, so it's not a big deal no matter what you pick. I think 256 ticks is plenty. That would turn into 1024 ticks per revolution after the dspic got a hold of it. And with an open collector, wouldn't it take a little time to get pulled up or down? I would err on the side of fewer ticks. I would go with 256 or 512 rather than 1024 or 2048. I'm just thinking about at 10,000 RPM....
Well i talked with RLS guys some more and they say their designation is 256cpr not ppr, meaning 8bit encoder is 2x 64ppr pulses with one north marker per revolution. So that comes to a small number does it not? Wouldnt it be better to use 10bit sensor which is a 256PPR per channel and would account to 1024CPR (ticks) together? How does dsPIC operate with those ticks then?

I would like confirmation if i think in a right way? So i dont make a mistake.



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