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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
The controller is set up to run from single-phase 240V or 3 phase 208V input. The control board doesn't really care what voltage the DC bus is, right? It assumes a battery bank but it doesn't really CARE. As long as the controller has the isolated 24V input, the output drives IGBTs, and the hall effect current sensors accept 5V, Gnd and the signal comes back proportional to the current measured .... we're good?
Yes that's right. There's DC voltage monitoring now, but the only use of it at the moment would be to verify precharge. But I'm not even doing that right this second.

I have NOT added the V/Hz to this code yet. It's a good idea though. It's pretty easy to get working. IT was version 0.001 a few years ago. I just need a lookup table, and to race through the table at a given frequency, with all 3 phases 120deg apart from each other.
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