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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Yes that's right. There's DC voltage monitoring now, but the only use of it at the moment would be to verify precharge. But I'm not even doing that right this second.

I have NOT added the V/Hz to this code yet. It's a good idea though. It's pretty easy to get working. IT was version 0.001 a few years ago. I just need a lookup table, and to race through the table at a given frequency, with all 3 phases 120deg apart from each other.
I am down with some stomack flu, but at least i have time to think about...
Finally someone figured cruise control for this inverter! Which is what V/Hz is yes? Well sort off... I suggest the primary use of V/Hz would be to implement cruise control. You have PID regulation working. You frame it for V/Hz to move found one chosen frequency, fixed by a button switch (on dash) and PID would try to follow this frequency - speed control! Throttle would still be effective upwards from chosen speed, so you could tap the button with throttle and set a higher speed or just tap button with throttle loose and car would deccelerate some. To break the link would require pulse on brake switch line, you have this wired yes?

I have everything here in my head, except how to program it, i suck at programming PIC . Would you mind doing this?

Limp home mode could effect itself automaticaly if encoder signal would be lost. That way you could have some control if sensor was out. It happened to me with my controller. I use optical RPM sensor for arduino (a glorified mouse sensor) and it caught moisture and corrosion. I replaced it with better protected one but it stays a weak link im my car. My 5c...

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