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I am sorry i havent got the meaning of wig wag throttle. I meant it as a boat throttle where one moves throttle back and eventually gets a backward movement. Not a good throttle in a car.
But what you use now is good. I can compare to BMW I3 and my car. Yes i have first 30% regen then throttle region with seamless transition. Thingstodo was right about ACIM coasting at 25% power. You just dont see it often since you need quite some torque keeping 1t beast at speed.

For a brake signal i would rather use a switch. In my experience variable braking is better controlled by throttle pedal, brake switch could then be programed to give a little less force than fully released throttle to avoid jerky stops from a right turn where you use brake to stop.
And with brake SW you could disable cruise control or have a hill hold function for 1s etc...

I have a single speed gearbox for Leaf motor. There is no other provision for reverse than switching phases. I insist on this because it should be easier to do in software than by hw and every commercial inverter has this.
Leaf, I3, C0 and Tesla dont have reverse gear, they simply switch phases and lower available torque so you dont go backwards into wall. That means you have to connect phase cable in correct order so the motor spins the correct way and then say "this is reverse".

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