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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
If you are using a manual gearbox, it is still nice to reduce available torque and max speed when you are in reverse.

Can you make the reverse switch configurable, so that the motor direction can be switched (for a single speed gearbox) or not (if you want to switch to a reverse gear) but the max speed and motor torque are reduced?
Yes excellent notion! Currently i use my transmission reverse light to signal inverter i am in reverse and it reduces torque to 30%. If i had 100% for reverse the acceleration backwards would brake my teeth on a steering wheel!

Regarding regen, Johannes uses a ramp configurable from certain Hz to 0 to be sure not to have high slip regen in lo rpm area. That would avoid high regen at stopping, like hitting a brick wall! I tried this with early software, not pleasant at all...

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