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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
I do a modified version of this when I come to work. I EOC into the lot and up (face-in) to the highest parking spot. Then I roll backwards out and around and swing in reverse to my spot about 6 places down the row. Face-out and potential parked, and no fuel burned reversing into the spot.
I do similar parking here at the house, I drive straight in behind one of my dad's antique rigs which is on a hill, next to the driveway, nose up close to it and park. This way, when I leave, all I have to do is pop it back out of gear and release the brake, cut the wheel hard left so I swing back up the hill then coast down the 100-150 feet without ever starting the truck. Before I started actually thinking about it, I would start the truck before I got moving at all (which I'll admit, does make steering those 33's MUCH easier), roll half the driveway, and let it sit there and high idle while I opened the upper gate. Then I'd roll through the gate (still high idle), stop again and close that gate, go open the lower gate, roll out into the turn around, close the lower gate, then I'd finally actually get going somewhere. Yeah, it doesn't mean anything real world mpg wise, but does mean something to the wallet, and that's why I'm trying to get better fuel economy to begin with.
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