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ok Paul

I tried to test with motor as type 2
no luck so far. i can run PI test and motor spins a bit and then i get the value of Kp, Ki and PI.
When i try to start angle offset test nothing happens.

I was thinking, is this maybe encoder originated error. Remember, outputs are open collector 5V. So i put 4K7 resistors to the lines. That is inverting signals no? Now A and B signals are changing fast so micro is seeing them as they are. But Z signal happens very quickly ONCE per revolution. Now that means that Z line is just standing there high at 5V all the time. Wouldnt that cause misunderstanding in your encoder logic? Do you have to invert reading of signals for me?

EDIT I tried again with motor type 3 set and now axle is rotating at 1 deg intervals. Then some 10min into test it suddenly spun up and then stopped and again went rotating slowly per deg. Did you think that i should hit off here as it stopped spinning? Its kind of watching bad horror movie. When you get bored, monster jumps at you from the shadow...

Maybe i will just put another 24V inline to get 64Vdc and try again...

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