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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Electrolytic caps have a higher ESR and stray inductance, and lower ripple current rating, but should be fine for an inverter. It might be a good idea to add a snubber cap or 2 along with the electrolytic, and don't run too high a voltage. Maybe for 600v IGBTs, 300 or 350v max?
Thanks Paul. I am planning on 600V 2000uF elcap and 600V 2uF snubber.

Do I need a pair of these set or just one elcap+snubber is good enough?

I am planning to run a 220VAC motor for test purposes.

Also I assume I can use a pot instead of a hall-effect throttle. If so, can you suggest me a pot that I can use with the board.

Update: Ok, this is what I got 450V 2200uF elCap and 1.5uF 1000V snubber caps (2 of them). Hope it is ok for an IGBT 600V 400A (mitsubushi- powerex)

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