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Originally Posted by cujet View Post
As mentioned in an earlier post: Time is valuable. Over a year of driving slow, it's likely 80 additional hours are spent in the car for a typical driver. That's 2 work weeks, lost to the highways. Placing a value on the fuel saved vs. time consumed, it calculates out to be in the neighborhood of $4/hour.

Put another way, my salary is an order of magnitude more than that. Also, my free time is exceedingly valuable to me. It's why I work, to have the funds to spend my time doing what I want.
If driving a couple mph faster or slower makes an 80 hour difference, that ought to be an indication to a person that they live farther away from their job and other essentials than they ought to, and that no matter what, they are surrendering far too much of their life to the commute. But people would rather justify speeding in their cars than do that much soul-searching.

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