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Yes i have capacitors
I am connecting your controller to the HV side of my old controller, from the Think City -08.

And no, itīs a 2 pole pair, i just found out, i hadnīt thought about it at all, just thinking about throttle and stuff.

I have now connected the throttle EXACLY as you describe and shure enough i get a raw-throttle span of about 300 to 600.
I adjusted all the settings, and pole-pairs.

So, what is next step?
When i have run the tests, shall i adjust the throttle to a usable span and try it out, or is there other things to do first

Sorry, all this information is probably somewhere in this thread, and i have probably read it, but when i need the information i just cant seem to find it.
I very happy that you are such a helpful person.
I think i will try to collect all information given to me in some kind of how-to or quick start guide. I will not make it public before itīs approved by you though. (that's Paul, for all you others)
OR - is there anybody else doing this already?
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