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I am sure that the 7th gen is reliable, just like the 6 preceding gens. I do find its exterior kind of boring, but it has a nice interior.

And yeah, the slushboxes from a mere 10 years ago did have a pretty good mpg penalty. Funny how today's generally have higher EPA numbers. That is a testament to the improvements that have been made, but I do believe a good bit of it is marketing BS. Automakers in general seem to be on a mission to stomp out the manual. It is understandable as from a manufacturing point of view, having a manual is a PITA. Fortunately, there will always be enough of us in the "row yer own" crowd to keep at least a few interested. Mazda seems to be one. They'll actually build a CX-5 with a 6 speed MT. I think most everyone else has given up on them in their CUV lines.
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