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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Baloney! I've had an affordable 70+ mpg car since 2003. (It was built in 2000.) Main reason it was built (along with others like the Prius) was those regulations.

Could build similar or better today, regulations or no regulations. It's just that most Americans seem to think their manhood is threatened if they aren't driving around in something like a jacked-up F-350.
I'm talking brand new car with warranty from a major manufacturer. Also 500 car production limit is never going to be affordable. Just make optional all the saftey requirements, and add a non-emission, simple 1.2L, 3 cylinder Diesel. Like a simpler VW polo that wasn't allowed in the US.

Like this, this would be just over $8700 USD. It is rated about 59mpg but the insight is similar, in the right hands it would do 70 mpg.

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