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Originally Posted by ar5boosted View Post
Technically, it's a facelifted Gen-I. It is auto and came with a stock 2.0L 100Kw engine.
Was it available only with the 2.0L engine in Australia? Here in Brazil there were 3 engine options, the early 8-valve 2.0L, then a 16-valve 1.6L and a 16-valve 2.0L, and 1.9L turbodiesel versions for export to Argentina and Uruguay. IIRC only the 2.0L 8-valve and the turbodiesel had never been available with automatic transmission.

In the past I Water-Injected my L300 Mitsubishi van and got substantial (~33%) fuel economy improvements. But that was carby not efi.
How did you get that fuel economy improvement in the L300? Adjusting the carburettor to run leaner or keeping lower RPM in a taller gear?
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