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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
Rmay did you install the same brand of smaller tires and keep your driving the same?

Capriracer (tire engineer) says that the RRC advantage outweighs the frontal area.

I don't see weight making any difference to a half decent econodriver, what you put in you get back. 208,600 miles and I haven't touched my brakes other than to get them out of the way to replace wheel bearings.
I went from Goodyear Integrities which are stock lrr tires (not very good ones)
To smaller Ecopias

FE went up as driving style went from lower speed hypermiling (good years) to more or less just driving the speed limit with less hypermiling.
Fact that FE improved while driving faster which was impossible with the Integrties indicates a win.

My feeling is that folks should test mods including tire changes, my guess is taller tires might help an overgeared or overloaded car but might do the opposite if they are of a higher than necessary load rating
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