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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Try this: After changing those resistor values, set it to max throttle, and then type config (noting where raw throttle position is). Then, set it to min throttle and hit config. I haven't tested anything with a pot rather than hall effect, but maybe thingstodo has. I would set the throttle max and min variables based on what you see when you do that test.
If you set your pot to minimum, type config and write down the number
Set your pot to maximum, type config and write down the number

Let's guess that you get 500 for minimum and 700 for maximum (based on your description). I'd change these numbers


to these numbers


For testing, you would get a small amount of reverse, only the part from 510 down to 500. If I guessed wrong and your numbers are different, give yourself about 10 counts of reverse that you can get to just to show that it works.

You still have a deadband where the motor does not turn, from 510 to 539. It needs to be big enough that you can easily get the motor speed to 0

I doubt that your reading will go up to 1023 so you will get less aggressive acceleration for your testing, but you won't be able to get to max speed.

Have fun!
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