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For using a potentiometer rather than hall effect throttle, you would need to populate R2 with maybe 1k? And then populate R1 with about 4.7k. The BOM calls for R2 to be empty and R1 to be 47k, but that is for the case of the hall effect throttle.

Try this: After changing those resistor values, set it to max throttle, and then type config (noting where raw throttle position is). Then, set it to min throttle and hit config. I haven't tested anything with a pot rather than hall effect, but maybe thingstodo has. I would set the throttle max and min variables based on what you see when you do that test.[/QUOTE]

First off all thanks for fast response and thanks also for explaning the PID tuning part.. it would help me tuning the system response..
But for th throttle mapping part i could not find the R1 and R2...
in the schematic files that i have resistors involved in throttle part are R51 AND R52.
take a look at that part of code
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