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Great results! I have seen customers of mine gain around 5% more power at the wheels just from an injector change and associated re calibration. A larger injector can some times also help with atomization indirectly since less time is required for the same amount of fuel to be sprayed and ideal injection timing can be effected in some cases. Also, even if your fuel pump is only running at 12v volts you will still have the same fuel pressure in all but the most extreme cases especially at the low engine loads you are concerned about. Another thing is that higher fuel pressure will 9 times out of 10 give you worse atomization and mean that your ecm is further from being accurately calibrated. Most factory engine management will only adjust fuel delivery +/- 20% max so if you hit that point like it seems the OP has you could be running richer than you have to. Another thing to be aware of is that two injectors rated for the same max fuel flow may have very different flow characteristics below 10% duty cycle. Even modern injectors of the same part number made in the same factory on the same day can vary considerably at low duty cycle so much so that many aftermarket companies like Injector Dynamics sell sets that are matched and come with there own flow data different from the next set. Best results will always be had with a proper ecu calibration when a hardware change is made.
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