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Inverter is good!

Hi Paul

Last week i have been reassembling my inverter in more convential configuration. That is IGBT rails with snubbers on them with large elcaps over them. I had to fight trough different versions of code until i found one that worked for me.

Yesterday i gave LEAF motor 48V from my ebike battery and i got it to run with positive control. You may remember i made a special fitting for magnet encoder. This works now. Today i will try 360Vdc and see how it goes...

Encoder is 10bit RLS RMF44IC10BA11 with differential signal push-pull. I only use ABZ lines and i leave negative lines unconnected. It works!

I have a question about reverse. It is the only thing i dont have setup here. Everything depends on it. Is the procedure from post working now? Can it also reduce power in reverse? Can anyone with experience join in?
Oh i have the DIP version of inverter. I dont use third current sensor. Which pin i can appropriate for reverse then?

EDIT: There is another matter. I was discussing Emrax motor with its constructor Roman and he said his motor can be easily used with 120 3x hall sensors that can tell controller where active pole is. Would you care to write code for that setup? I cant imagine how much work this would take but i can see the benefit. For example i was able to run Emrax with ebike 48V inverter and 3 sensors just fine. However motor is wound for 500V and so i only got 500rpm from it...


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