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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
We have evolved to not worry about the future since we never used to have any real influence over it when we lived simply on natural solar flows. Now we have great power over the environment. And each other. So I must add an addendum to the previous to include the pursuit of happiness for the next 10,000 generations. The only way is utilizing a wise system view based on science.
With the continual decline in the rate of population growth, increases in efficiency, development of technology, and economic motivation to harness the abundant free and renewable energy, I see very little evidence to conclude that 10,000 generations is unlikely.

However, seeing the rapid progression of humanity's ability to go from beating each other with clubs, to mowing them down with machine guns, to thermonuclear annihilation, I see nothing that would prevent lunatics from wielding unimaginable power in the future. Perhaps they will be able to "print" a gene mutation that kills humanity. Maybe they develop self-replicating machines that hunt people.

Science will be our demise, not our savior.
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