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You just have ubb tags before/after your whole table like code and /code but with brackets around them (just like the quote tag) that give you a monospace font and spaces and tabs are maintained.

Then you can do what i did there and paste data straight from Excel/LibreOffice and it will come out as a table. Likewise copying a web table should go right in as a table too.

Vehicle	Tesla	Chevy Bolt	Nissan Leaf
Capacity	85 kWh	60 kWh	40 kWh
HP hours	3,740	2,640	1,760
Weight	1,200	959	560
Lbs HP Hr	10.52	11.92	11.06
HP hr/lb	3.125	2.75	3.14
Range	265	239	150
HP hr/mi	14.11	11.04	11.73
Cost per mi	4.36 	3.34	3.35
The only problem you'll run into is if a column has values that exceed the tab stop, data will run into the next column and things will get shuffled, as above.
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