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17. September

Auf der Internationalen Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt am Main wird auch das vom Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie geförderte Auto 2000 gezeigt. Der Dreizylinder-Dieselmotor mit Direkteinspritzung, Turbolader und 45 PS Leistung benötigt bei einer Geschwindigkeit von 120 Stundenkilometern nur 4,1 Liter Dieselkraftstoff auf 100 Kilometer. Mit dieser Studie leistet Volkswagen einen Beitrag zur Ökologiedebatte, die das Energiesparen und die Reduzierung der Umweltbelastungen zur politischen Gestaltungsaufgabe macht.
EDIT: Translation..........................

The Auto 2000, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology, will also be shown at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main. The three-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection, turbocharger and 45 hp power needed at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour only 4.1 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. With this study, Volkswagen is making a contribution to the ecology debate, which makes energy saving and the reduction of environmental pollution a political design task.

A look at the 1981 Volkswagen Auto 2000 concept [update]
Posted on August 20, 2014 by Ronan Glon

The guidelines also specified that the prototypes had to be able to comfortably carry four adults and 400 kilos (881 pounds) of luggage, while performance, size and reliability had to be at least on par with similarly-sized cars sold new at the time. The Federal Ministry for Research and Technology invested 110 million Deutschmarks to help fund the project.

Mercedes wasn’t the only West German automaker that participated in the project: Volkswagen introduced its take on what form a futuristic, highly fuel-efficient car should look like at the 1981 Frankfurt Motor Show. Riding on a modified Golf platform, the Auto 2000 boasted tall, fastback-like silhouette with a wide C-pillar, a glass hatch and a truncated rear end. Up front, the radiator grille was replaced by a sizable air dam discreetly integrated into the bumper, while 13-inch steel wheels fitted with full wheel covers reduced drag.

The Volkswagen Auto 2000 concept remained a design study that was never seriously considered for mass production by the automaker’s top brass. However, the third-generation Passat that was introduced in 1988 borrowed several styling cues from the futuristic show car.
Ditch the surf boards, the roof has an aero arc to it.

And the concept has no side view mirrors, looks like tiny camera extends out.
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