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dcb -

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
cfg83, that is an excellent idea. I can't think of any reason why you would use a different conversion factor for the block heater, it is a straight energy to energy conversion, from the wall vs from the pump.
Thanks, I was hoping someone would say that!

I found out that I can get a block heater (not a coolant heater) from the Saturn Dealer :

[Saturn S-Series] block heater - SaturnFans Forums

It draws 300+ watts :

SaturnFans Forums - View Single Post - block heater post #16
The block heater draws apx 305 watts. (Before anyone asks, I measured it.) Leaving it plugged in overnight is more wasteful than lazy; indeed, a timer is the way to go. I would give it at least an hour, maybe two. Remember, it just sits on the outside of the block; it's not directly heating oil or coolant. Just make sure you use a fairly heavy-duty timer, one good for 300+ watts, and grounded (not like those cheapo lamp timers). I, for one, would not bundle up to go out and plug it in, only to go back inside and un-bundle just to do my morning routine. That's not lazy, it's just practical.


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