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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
Something I have noticed about the vehicles posted in this thread - they can often fall into two groups:

1) The body shape is low drag and it "ignores" the wheels / suspension

2) The overall vehicle is low drag and integrates the wheels and / or the ground plane is assumed in the design.
We have several sub-categories to the ones listed above.

The well intention but fails in the details, if they only went the extra mile.

A single aspect of the design works, again if they only went the extra mile.

The thread has been expanded to include heroic efforts even if they failed.

Lots of "Consolation Prizes" awarded in other words.

Bochum's car also had some surprisingly crude aerodynamic modifications on the rear end. I'd seen these in photos after their wind tunnel trip, but I assumed that they'd have a more refined version installed for the race...
The angle of the rear wheel strakes does more than cover over the width of the rear wheel (from what I can tell).

Very interesting, also reminds me of a recent discussion involving a 1959 Buick or something.

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