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Women are more honest in some things, making them less competitive in this corrupt world of lies and tricks. Testosteron domains this sick disgusting warlord world.

I prefer women sellers, since they don't use to get on my nerves, with abusive insistence and lies that most male sellers do. Man tryig to sell digital TV signature for chanels are trouble, since they lie, they insist, some of them don't accept when I tell the system it's a sh...t.
Women sellers are more kind, do not lie so much, accept better when I say the system it's a mess.
I remamber when on street one female seller approached me, very kind and very nice, offering a web and signed digital chanels, and I explained nearly everyting I said in that CRT x LCD thread in this forum. She listened me and keep calm and nice when I said there was no broadcast/sat/cable with good image on Brazil and no good display TV for digital HD images. I was calm and kind too.

I presume some of you will said what I did was a "seller abuse", with all that LCD hate talking you saw in that thread.