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There is a pay gap, making women get more, if we consider many women have 3 children and take a lot of less time on work in each preganancy. Also consider women retire earlier and in general lives more years than man.

Also consider that patriarcal culture it's still present and man are more required for pay bills, pay divorce bills. Society accept man pay everything for women, but don't accept the oposite.

That's a relevant gap...

Women can easily get sex with man, even drunk man, and demand money if get pregnant, or abort if the man was poor. Man can't get sex with drunk women (it's wrong I agree) since it's a rape, and also can't abort the fetus if he didn't wish to be a father.
I's a easy way to evil women get money. They also relies in the sexist culture that tends to call man as gay if they reject a good looking woman, while women are not called lesbian if they reject good looking man.

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There is no pay gap.

But there sure as hell is an efficiency/competency gap.

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